Groovy Colorized Photos That Finally Capture It All

Icons | June 1, 2020

Martin Luther King Jr. waiting at the pulpit ✊🏿

source: Reddit

This magnificent colorized photo shows Martin Luther King Jr., one of the figureheads of the Civil Rights movement and a preacher who inspired Americans to chase peaceful means of protest throughout the 1950s and ‘60s until his assassination.

King became famous for his work in the South, but it was the March on Washington in 1964 that made him a superstar. Following that walk he explained his use of non-violence to novelist Robert Penn Warren:

I think [violence and hatred] will end up creating many more social problems than they solve, and I'm thinking of a very strong love. I'm not, I'm thinking, I'm thinking of love in action and not something where you say, "Love your enemies," and just leave it at that, but you love your enemies to the point that you're willing to sit-in at a lunch counter in order to help them find themselves. You're willing to go to jail.

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