Grace Slick Tried Dosing Nixon With 600mg of LSD, But Hung A Weed Flag Instead

Left: The Yippie flag. Right: Grace Slick and Abbie Hoffman outside the White House on April 24, 1970. Sources: Wikimedia Commons, Flickr

Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane went to the White House in 1970 with a plan: slip President Richard Nixon a dose of LSD. Slick was a powerful woman in the San Francisco music scene and Woodstock-era counterculture; she was a hero to young people, and Nixon was not. His Vietnam policy, his strong anti-drug policies, and his general unpleasant back-to-the-'50s squareness all made Nixon anathema for the hippies who'd been in full revolt for the past few years. When Slick received an invitation to come to the White House, she saw an opportunity to strike a blow for peace, love and drugs.