Goldie Hawn, Then And Now: The Bikini Blonde Who Won An Oscar

June 30, 1968, California, Los Angeles,Goldie Hawn. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Goldie Hawn went from one of Laugh-In's bikini girls to a leading comedic actress in the blink of an eye, starring in a string of films that included There's A Girl In My Soup, Butterflies Are Free, The Sugarland Express, Shampoo and Foul Play. In the '80s, Hawn's star continued to rise, with performances in Private Benjamin, Seems Like Old Times, Swing Shift, Protocol, and Wildcats. Hawn is, and always has been, a go-to actress for ditzy blonde characters -- who almost always turn out to be smarter than they seem.