'Go Ahead, Make My Day:' Dirty Harry's Famous Dare

Editor Picks | January 13, 2019

Here's The Scene From 'Sudden Impact'

Eastwood in 'Sudden Impact.' Source: IMDB

As Clint Eastwood’s character in the movie, Harry Callahan, walks into the coffee shop where he frequently goes to get his coffee, he unknowingly walks in on a robbery in progress. Continuing to read his morning paper, he waits for the waitress to pour his coffee, not even looking up. He lays his money on the counter and walks out with his coffee. Then, taking a swallow, he quickly spits it out as it is full of sugar and the waitress knows that he always drinks his coffee black. Callahan goes back inside from the back of the place, realizing that something is up. He confronts the thieves, nonchalantly telling them that “we” are just not going to let them walk out of there. One of the bad guys asks “who is we?” In typical Eastwood fashion, he says, while reaching for his gun “Smith and Wesson – and me.” Then he shoots all but one of them. The last thief grabs the waitress and holds a gun to her head. Here, Eastwood dares the nervous hood to do something stupid with the famous line: "Go ahead, make my day." To the would-be thief, the intent is clear: Harry has already shot his accomplices, and if this guy tries anything but surrender, it will be the excuse Harry needs to shoot him as well. And after a long pause, the bad guy backs down.

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