Gidget, The Original Surfer Girl!

By | November 24, 2017

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Sandra Dee In 'Gidget' Sandra Dee surrounded by adoring men on beach in a scene from the film 'Gidget', 1959. (Photo by Columbia Pictures/Getty Images)

Sandra Dee captivated audiences, in the 1959 beach movie, “Gidget.”  Gidget was a California girl that rode the waves long before it was acceptable for girls to surf. Surfing was thought to be a guy’s sport. The character of Gidget was adapted from Frederick Kohner’s 1950’s novel about a Southern California (So-Cal) girl named, Gidget, who hit the beach and became fascinated with surfing. Somehow, she convinced the boys to teach her how to surf and she quickly caught on.  

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The story of Gidget is pretty well known. The character has been portrayed in novels, films and a television series. Gidget's character has influenced many actors and musicians. She was around long before the Beach Boys ever dreamed about their hit song, “Surfer Girl”.

Dee, however, was not the only actress to portray Gidget. In 1965, the young Sally Field was cast as the main character about a precocious teenager, named Franzie; nicknamed, Gidget. Although it only aired for one season, Gidget lived on!