“Get Smart” – A Lovable But Incompetent Hero

By Rebeka Knott

The television series, Get Smart, was the clever creation of two very funny guys, Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. Get Smart, starred Don Adams as Maxwell Smart, Agent 86, Barbara Feldon as Agent 99 and Edward Platt as the Chief.

Agent 86, invariably threw a wrench into every assignment he was involved in. Thankfully, Agent 99, his curvy counterpart, who never went by any other name, was much more competent and always came through to clean up his messes.

To make the spy business easier, the CONTROL Lab was always developing gadgets to make missions more successful. To aid in his missions, Agent 86 used everything from a shoe phone and a finger gun to an umbrella camera and cufflink grenades.

Maxwell Smart, Agent 86, will always be remembered for his famous catch phrases. There are things he would say that we knew were coming; we just didn’t know when.