Frogger's Rise To The Top

By Kellar Ellsworth
Video games have come a long way since Frogger. primetimeamusements

When it comes to nostalgic video games, few pixelated pastimes can touch the popularity and shelf life of Frogger. The quintessential arcade game became so popular that the Parker Brothers earmarked more money for its marketing budget than the Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back movie! Amusingly, Frogger developer Akira Hashimoto found the idea for the game while actually sitting in traffic. Supposedly, at that exact moment, a real-life frog attempted to cross the road. Once he assisted the inspirational fellow, he got to work on one of the all-time classics.

Frogger even received a dedicated storyline on Seinfeld, earned multiple renditions on platform after platform, and even technically paved the way for many of the video games we see today. Here’s the unlikely story of a frog trying to cross the road.