Freddie Prinze - Chico & The Man

By Rebeka Knott

Chico and the Man first aired on NBC in 1974 and ran for 4 seasons. Actor, Freddie Prinze (Frederick Karl Pruetzel), was cast as Chico Rodriguez and Jack Albertson, starred as Ed Brown, also known as, the man. Ed Brown owned a washed-up auto mechanic garage and Chico, a young minority, Chicano, being pretty much desperate for a job.

The show was very popular although short lived due to the untimely suicide of Freddie Prinze. During the first 2 seasons, Chico and the Man debuted in the top 10 most popular sitcom television shows.

During the 3rd season in 1977, NBC considered canceling the show outright. They wrote Chico out of the script by portraying that he had gone to visit his father in Mexico.

Freddie Prinze emerged from a humble beginning and worked his way to stardom through hard work and determination. Although Prinze enjoyed success as an actor, comedian and singer, he suffered from depression which ultimately was his undoing. We can only imagine what might have been.