Freddie Prinze: From 'Chico And The Man' Comedy To Tragedy

By | September 29, 2017

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Source: IMDB

In his standup comedy act and on Chico And The Man, Freddie Prinze showed a gift for humor and making audiences laugh. He was a success in comedy clubs as a teenager, and landed a starring role in a network TV sitcom when he was barely 20 years old. Prinze battled depression, and it was a battle he ultimately lost, committing suicide in 1977.

Chico And The Man Were An Odd Couple

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Chico and the Man, created by James Komak, first aired on NBC in 1974 and ran for four seasons. Prinze starred as Chico Rodriguez, and Jack Albertson played Ed Brown, also known as "The Man." Brown owned a washed-up auto mechanic garage and Chico, a young Chicano was pretty much desperate for a job. The obstinate garage owner was a heavy drinking widower who had worn out his welcome in the East L.A. neighborhood where he lived and ran his business. He reluctantly hired Chico because nobody else would work for him. Chico lived in his van, which he parked in Ed’s garage.