Frank Sinatra's Death: The Aftermath, And How Seinfeld Was Involved

Left: Frank Sinatra sings on his 75th birthday. Right: Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards in the 'Seinfeld' finale. Sources: Bettmann via Getty Images; IMDB.

The night Frank Sinatra died, America was busy watching Seinfeld. It was May 14, 1998, and Ol' Blue Eyes was going to the great Vegas showroom in the sky, but nobody could win this ratings battle -- Sinatra's finale vs. the Seinfeld finale. Talk around the office watercooler the following day wasn't focused on the Chairman of the Board, it was all about Seinfeld's bizarre and controversial ending, which found the show's characters arrested in a small town and put on trial for failing to help a person being mugged. Sinatra got his due, belatedly, as the unsatisfying (to many viewers) sitcom finale was quickly forgotten and the monumental career of the beloved entertainer became the subject of tributes and celebrity comments.