Forgotten One-Hit Wonders

By | July 20, 2021

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One hit wonders also known as go to driving music. (youtube)

Creating a song that enraptures an entire country encapsulates the mission of artists the world over. Standing out in the music scene, perhaps the most crowded and competitive industry on earth looks a lot like mission impossible. However, a choice few conceive a catchy enough tune to enthrall millions. Of course, to become a star, an artist must rise and repeat over and over. A minute percentage ever reaches that rarified air of icon; the rest become one-hit-wonders if they are lucky.

The list of flashes in the pan is lengthy but not as long as the list of those who never made their mark. While these one-hit-wonder artists failed to reach the heights of fame and fortune, their ephemeral works live on forever as drive-time classics and car karaoke specials. Here is a sampling of amazing one-hit-wonders.

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I'm Too sexy blew up like a classic flash in the pan. (tenor)

“I’m Too Sexy” By Right Said Fred

“I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, So sexy it hurts.” On paper, those lyrics look completely laughable and quite frankly, also when you hear them. Nevertheless, Right Said Fred’s “I’m too sexy” sold six million singles and five million records of which people only played that singular song on a loop.

The band came up with the riff, thanks to the group’s employment at London’s “Dance Attic.” While working there they witnessed endless examples of complete narcissism. One night, as a joke, Rich Fairbrass just started singing along to a loop “I'm too sexy for my shirt" and the rest was history.