'Bewitched's Tabitha, Secret Twin Child Star, Then And Now

By | January 11, 2018

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Twins Diane (left) and Erin Murphy on the set of 'Bewitched,' ca. 1964. Source: Bettmann Archives/Getty

Tabitha Stephens, Bewitched's magically-gifted young girl, was the daughter of Samantha Stephens (Elizabeth Montgomery), the modern witch at the center of the long-running TV sitcom. Mixing the supernatural with daily life in suburbia, Bewitched had a comedic formula that audiences loved, keeping the show on the air from 1964 to 1972, even weathering the departure of a main actor (Dick York, who left the role of Darrin Stephens and was replaced by Dick Sargent). Of course, the beautiful and comedically talented actress Elizabeth Montgomery carried the show, along with Agnes Moorehead (who played her mother Endora, also a witch) and memorable guest appearances from Alice Ghostley (Esmeralda) and Bernard Fox (Dr. Bombay).

But don't forget Tabitha, an important part of Bewitched, played by Erin Murphy. Or we should say, played mostly by Erin Murphy. Did you know she was a twin?

Spellbound In Suburbia

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Darrin and Samantha. Source: IMDB

On the show, Darrin Stephens met and married Samantha without knowing she was a (good) witch. Darrin was married for better or for worse, so he ultimately accepted that his wife had magic powers, although he wasn’t happy about it. Samantha had given her “witches honor” that she would not use her powers from then on. She genuinely meant it when she promised, but to Darrin's frequent chagrin, she had trouble keeping her promise. Hijinks involving Samantha's use of her powers and Darrin's reaction were the bread-and-butter of the show.