60 Photos of Marilyn Monroe Like You've Never Seen Her Before

By Sarah Norman | December 2, 2023

A teenaged dark-haired Norma Jeane Baker, 1941, right around when she dropped out of high school.

Marilyn Monroe has long been considered an American icon, known for her captivating beauty, her sultry performances, and her magnetic personality. However, beneath the surface of her glamorous image, there were deeply dark realities that were often kept hidden from the public eye. These eerie photos, taken throughout her career and personal life, capture a side of Marilyn that is rarely seen, revealing the struggles and pain she experienced behind the scenes.

From her tumultuous relationships to her battles with addiction and mental health, these photos offer a glimpse into a life that was marked by both triumph and tragedy. These eerie photos will make you to look at the iconic Monroe in a different way, and make you to question the idea of fame, beauty, and the price of it.

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After she graduated from Emerson Junior High, she attended the Van Nuys High School, a place where she proved to be a shy and introverted student. She struggled academically and had a difficult time fitting in with her classmates. Despite this, Monroe was described as a hardworking and determined student who was passionate about acting. She participated in school plays and talent shows, and even took acting lessons outside of school before dropping out completely.

Monroe stunning in "Ladies Of The Chorus," 1948

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(Columbia Pictures)

In March, 1948, Harry Cohn of Columbia Picture signed Monroe. After raising her hairline and bleaching her hair even lighter to platinum blond to turn her into more of a Rita Hayworth type, she stared in a low budget musical titled Ladies of the Chorus before leaving the studio in October of that year to return to modeling.