Eerie Photos From The Past That Will Keep You Staring

By Sarah Norman | October 25, 2023

Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, 1968

Collected here are some enchanting photos of the past that will bring these moments back to life. You’ll find hilarious fashion fads, strange cultural trends, political protests, influential music, and various defining moments in history and pop culture. Come flip through these captivating photos that have left us in complete awe. 

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Picture this: it’s 1964 and the Soul Giants are making a name for themselves. But then, a little drama hits the band and guitarist Ray Collins is out. In steps a young Frank Zappa, who not only joins the band but convinces them to play his music instead. And just like that, The Mothers are born! But wait, there’s more - when the label that signed them objected to their name, Zappa, being the creative genius he was, quickly came up with a new name: The Mothers of Invention. With Zappa as co-lead singer, this band was ready to take on the world and make some truly unique music.

A young Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip (1968).

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Elizabeth and Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, are second cousins once removed through King Christian IX of Denmark in addition to being third cousins through Queen Victoria. It was while crossing paths at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth in July 1939, that young Elizabeth (only 13 years old at the time) fell head over heels in love with Philip.

The feeling was mutual and the two began exchanging love letters until July 9, 1947, when they officially announced their engagement. Elizabeth and Philip were married on 20 November 1947 at Westminster Abbey. They went on to have four children: Charles, Prince of Wales; Anne, Princess Royal; Prince Andrew, Duke of York; and Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex.