Eerie Photos From The Past That Will Keep You Staring

By Sarah Norman | August 14, 2023

Cool pic of Fleetwood Mac from the 'Rumours' album photo shoot in 1977, that LP has sold over 44 million copies to date

Collected here are some enchanting photos of the past that will bring these moments back to life. You’ll find hilarious fashion fads, strange cultural trends, political protests, influential music, and various defining moments in history and pop culture. Come flip through these captivating photos that have left us in complete awe. 

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The Rumours album cover is an iconic image, but did you know that the photo used wasn't the only one taken during the shoot? This picture, while not chosen for the cover, still captures the essence of what was going on during that tumultuous time for Fleetwood Mac. Despite the band's internal struggles, Rumours was a huge success, becoming their first UK number one album and topping the US Billboard 200. With four singles reaching the US top 10 and "Dreams" hitting number one, it's no wonder the album is considered one of the greatest of all time. Looking at this photo, you can see the hints of tension and drama that were brewing within the band, adding a layer of complexity to their already brilliant music.

Elke Sommer, a German actress, entertainer and artist

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Elke Sommer was a true bombshell of the 1960s and ‘70s, with a career that started in the most Italian way possible: on vacation. She was discovered there in 1958 and soon found herself in Hollywood, where she took the town by storm. Known for her stunning good looks, she became a favorite pinup girl and even graced the pages of Playboy twice.

But she wasn't just a pretty face. Sommer was a talented actress who appeared in many films before eventually retiring after The Prisoner of Zenda in 1979. She also had a passion for music, recording and releasing several albums throughout her career.

After the 1990s, she turned her attention to painting and has continued to be a creative force in the art world. With so many talents and a striking beauty, it's no wonder she captured hearts on and off the screen.