Eerie Photos From The Past That Will Keep You Staring 


Veteran Anatoly Golimbievsky who lost his legs in world war 2 being saluted by 4 young soldiers, May 9th 1989.

Collected here are some enchanting photos of the past that will bring these moments back to life. You’ll find hilarious fashion fads, strange cultural trends, political protests, influential music, and various defining moments in history and pop culture. Come flip through these captivating photos that have left us in complete awe. 
Source: Reddit

This piece of vintage war history was taken back in 1989. Featured here is heavily decorated Veteran Anatoly Golimbievsky, who lost both his legs while serving in World War 2. As can be seen here, he is being saluted by four young sailors on V Day.

Golimbievsky was found on the battlefield showing little signs of life back in 1942. He ended up being the only survivor in a landing party of marines led by Major Caesar Kunnikov and he was wounded in his arms and legs. He was taken to a hospital in Tbilisi but doctors were not able to save his legs. Golimbievsky was said to have handled the loss better than most, he was grateful to still have his life. He lived it with such zest, he even managed to win the affections of the hospital senior nurse, a Georgian named Mirtsa. He married her, lived to be eighty years old, and he worked almost up to his very last day.