Odd Couples And Midnight Cowboys: Dynamic Duos of TV and Film

Left: Laverne & Shirley; right: Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. Source: IMDB

Laverne and Shirley, Butch and Sundance -- call them partners in crime or dynamic duos, a well-matched TV or movie team is comedy or drama gold. The buddy movie is a staple of cinema, and its small-screen analog is equally widespread. Shows like Starsky & Hutch and The Odd Couple were shooting for a balance of personalities, and judging by audience reaction, they got it right. The balance of power didn't need to be equal -- Don Knotts' Barney Fife was the supporting character on The Andy Griffith Show, but Andy without Barney wasn't anywhere near as fun, was it? Here are some of the great teams of TV and movies from the '50s through the early '80s, although we're only scratching the surface. What pairs would you add to this list?