Did Sid Vicious Kill Nancy Spungen? Everything We Know...

Sid Vicious, of punk rock group the Sex Pistols, with his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, outside Marylebone Magistrates court after being charged possessing the drug methamphetamine. (Photo by PA Images via Getty Images)

In January 1978, the Sex Pistols called it quits. Bass player Sid Vicious and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen were nursing serious heroin habits, so what better place to go than New York City. The two wreaked havoc on the scene until October 12th, when 20-year-old Spungen bled to death on the bathroom floor of a room in the Chelsea Hotel. Months later, while awaiting trial for her murder, Vicious died from an overdose.

After Vicious died, the NYPD dropped their investigation into Spungen’s death. In all likelihood, a gacked-out Vicious was the person who put an end to his girlfriend’s life, but there are some in the punk community who believe that Vicious was set up and that someone else was brandishing the knife. There’s no way to have a crystal clear understanding of exactly what happened that night in 1979, but here’s everything we know.