Debra Winger: The Wonder Girl Of 'Urban Cowboy,' 'Officer And A Gentleman'

Debra Winger in 'Urban Cowboy.' Source: IMDB / Paramout Pictures

With a streak of hot movies in the early '80s -- Urban Cowboy, Cannery Row, An Officer And A Gentleman, and Terms Of Endearment -- Debra Winger quickly became one of the most celebrated actresses of her era. As Oscar and Golden Globe nominations piled up, Winger's days of playing Wonder Girl to Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman faded away. Though gifted with as much natural beauty as anyone in Hollywood, Winger eschewed glam roles and excelled at playing characters who live in the same world as the audience watching her films. "I've always been a poster child for 'Let's take the makeup down a notch,'" she once said.