The Night David Copperfield Made The Statue Of Liberty Disappear

By Cyn Felthousen-Post
David Copperfield and the Statue of Liberty. Sources: Photo by CBS via Getty Images; Wikimedia Commons

The greatest magic trick on TV? David Copperfield's disappearing Statue of Liberty, without a doubt. When Copperfield pulled off this vanishing act -- live -- in April 1983, millions of Americans tuned in to see an improbable feat that had been hyped endlessly with commercials. And yet, the young illusionist (Copperfield was then just 26 years old) seemed to accomplish the impossible. The massive statue was gone, or so the live audience of regular people who'd participated in the show believed. For more than 30 years, Copperfield guarded the secret of how he'd done the trick, then in 2017 he spilled the beans.