Cyndi Lauper's Feminist Anthem Of "Girls Just Want To Have Fun"

Lauper certainly danced to her own beat. Perhaps it was the spelling of her first name. napster

The first kernel of an idea rarely finishes as the final product. Cyndi Lauper’s "Girls Just Want To Have Fun” exemplifies that construct. The song, which became 1983’s feminist anthem, started out as a man’s glorification of bedroom shenanigans. Written by Robert Hazard, Lauper eye-rolled his lyrics and made it her own. As the singer recalled, "It was originally about how fortunate he was 'cause he was a guy around these girls that wanted to have 'fun' - with him - down there, which we do not speak lest we go blind."

Lauper also emphasized that “It doesn’t mean that girls just want to f#@k. It just means that girls want to have the same damn experience that any man could have.” Here’s the tale of how “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” became a feminist proclamation.