These Cool Photos Give Us A Glimpse Of Life In The '60s

A colorful hippie couple dressed in tie-dye and floral prints grin for the camera, California, circa 1969. (Photo by Underwood Archives/Getty Images)

The 1960s was a decade of transition and change. Television, men landing on the moon, women’s rights, and civil rights all helped to push the American people toward a new modernization. As this collection of cool pics from the sixties illustrates, the decade was filled with poignant moments and advances that helped to set the stage for the technology age we currently live in.

Long Live Rock 'n Roll

The sixties are known for its eclectic music. From the Beatles to the Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones to The Doors, the music of the sixties was new and exciting and setting the world on fire. No event showcased the power of music like the 1969 music festival known as Woodstock. In addition to the myriad of musical talent, the event helped to show the world that the hippie culture was thriving at the close of the sixties.