Come On Get Happy! (Video)

Videos | October 18, 2017

Written by Terry Claypoole

Who doesn’t remember the iconic 1970’s television sitcom, The Partridge Family? The hit show first aired in 1970 and ran through early 1974. It was a show about a widowed mother raising 5 children on her own.

As you may, or may not, know, The Partridge Family sitcom was very loosely based on the story of the real life musical family, the Cowsills.

The Partridge Family cast consisted of mother, Shirley (Shirley Jones), children, Keith (David Cassidy), Laurie (Susan Dey), Danny (Danny Bonaduce), Chris (Jeremy Gelbwaks/Season 1 and Brian Forster/Seasons 2-4), Tracy (Suzanne Crough) and last but, not least, Reuben Kincaid (Dave Madden), the family’s “sad-sack” band manager.

The Partridge Family, a 1970’s television show was an instant hit with some popular songs including, Come On Get Happy, I Think I Love You, I Can Feel Your Heartbeat, I Woke Up In Love This Morning and Looking Through The Eyes Of Love.  

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