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Icons | November 15, 2018

Keith Richards, Tina Turner and David Bowie photographed in New York City by Bob Gruen, 1983.

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What a party this must have been. Celebrities hanging out with each other is so intriguing, And here's three musical icons, Keith Richards, Tina Turner, and David Bowie - ripping up the town of NYC - while drinking right from the bottle. Sure, this might be a typical night out for these musical heavies, but behind the camera is Bob Gruen - one of the most well-known and respected rock photographers. For over forty years, Gruen has been photographing the likes of  Muddy Waters, the Rolling Stones, Elvis, Madonna, Bob Dylan, The Clash, and Johnny Rotten.

When John Lennon moved to New York in 1971, Gruen became John and Yoko’s personal photographer. He's responsible for the iconic images of John Lennon wearing a New York City t-shirt as well as the former Beatle standing in front of the Statue of Liberty giving the peace sign. Gruen's photos show an intimacy he has with his subjects  - who let him get up close and personal - especially when they're chugging bottles of Jack Daniels.

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