Classic Hollywood Stars Like We’ve Never Seen


Stevie Nicks, a true iconic bohemian beauty, 1970s.

It's always fun to see iconic celebrities in photos where they are letting loose or shown in an unfamiliar context. And we have 60 photos that will get the wheels of your imagination turning. See the future president John F. Kennedy in a photo booth with his new bride, Jackie. Check out Freddie Mercury at home with his long-time partner, Jim Hutton. Look at a childhood photo of The Rock with his dad - who was a professional wrestler at the time. Plus 57 other candid photos that will create a sense of shock, wonder, and delight. Just remember, as Dick Clark would say, "A little dab'll do ya!"

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Oh Stevie Nicks! You were the queen of the '70s. While fronting Fleetwood Mac, her band topped the charts. But offstage, her life was out of control - there was a lot of partying and a lot of money being spent. During the making of the Rumors album she said, "I used to carry a gram of cocaine in my boot." For years, Nicks battled addiction - which escalated during the '70s and brought turmoil within the band when she had a "doomed" affair with drummer Mick Fleetwood; during a drug-fueled frenzy.

Nicks got a wake up call in 1986, when a plastic surgeon's warning convinced her to go to rehab. The surgeon looked into her nose and said "You have a really big hole in your nose and it's very dangerous." He told Nicks that your next hit could be your last hit of anything - because the hole in your nose is very high and you could have a brain hemorrhage. Wake up call! Nicks listened to his warning and changed her ways. Smash-cut present day, Fleetwood Mac is back out on the road and touring.