Clark Gable: Stories And Trivia About The King Of Hollywood

Marilyn Monroe Kissing Clark Gable on the set of 'The Misfits' (Photo by George Rinhart/Corbis via Getty Images)

He was known as the King of Hollywood in his heyday -- you just couldn't get any bigger than Clark Gable. Stories and trivia about the Gone With The Wind star's life abound because, like any entertaining king, he lived on a grand scale. He had five wives and numerous affairs. He flew bombing raids in World War II, and partially inspired both Clark Kent and Bugs Bunny. He won an Oscar -- but gave it away.

Clark Gable was born February 1, 1901, and on his birth certificate, he was mistakenly recorded as female. His mother died 10 months after his birth and he was raised by his father and stepmother, who helped to educate him to be a gentleman.