When Charles Married Diana: Facts And Trivia About The 'Wedding Of The Century'

By | July 26, 2020

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Newlyweds Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer share the famous kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, after ceremony. Source: Bettmann / Contributor via Getty Images

On July 29, 1981 an estimated 750 million people watched the “wedding of the century” between Charles, the Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer. In the history of weddings, few, if any, other ceremonies can touch the over-the-top “fairytale wedding” that captivated British citizens and people all over the world. For instance, adjusting for inflation, that wedding today would cost a mind-bending $136,130,429.

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The Wedding to end all weddings. (townandcountrymag)

In America, Super Bowls rank as the most-watched event every year, drawing more than 100 million globally. However, in comparison, the wedding of the century between Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Super Bowls attract about as much attention as a mouse fart.