You're So Vain: The Real Story Behind Carly Simon's Mysterious Lyrics

By | November 16, 2017

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LONDON, UK - MARCH 15: Singer Songwriter Carly Simon poses for a portrait on March 15, 1971 in London, England. (Photo by Ed Caraeff/Getty Images)

For years, "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon provided one of the great mysteries in pop music -- just who was being addressed? "You probably think this song is about you" say the lyrics to this 1973 Billboard chart-topper -- with the intentional irony that yes, the song is, indeed about this person. But who?

In the '70s, Carly Simon was famous as a singer, songwriter and sex symbol. Not only was she born into a notable family, she was remarkably talented in her own right. Simon has enjoyed mega success throughout her career as a classical pianist and singer/songwriter. It wasn’t until years later, when she shared her memoir with the world, that we really had any insight into the real Carly Simon.  

Carly Simon Was One Of The Most Desirable Women In Music

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Carly Simon always had a reputation for being funny, talented and well connected. She had a distinct look that was thought to be both exotic and erotic. All of these qualities, together, made her extremely appealing and that was OK with her. She enjoyed plenty of love affairs, trysts and indiscretions with many men, including other celebrities; some she regrets. What we couldn’t have known was that early on, she suffered some unfortunate circumstances.