Burt Reynolds - “Gunsmoke,” “Deliverance,” “Smokey and the Bandit” …Thanks for the Memories!

Burt Reynolds Burt Reynolds (Photo by Herbert Dorfman/Corbis via Getty Images)

As you have probably already heard, Burt Reynolds, an iconic, American actor, from the groovy era, has just recently passed on from this life. Although he was a famous actor, he was just like the rest of us… only human. Reynolds was a noteworthy leading man from the 70’s, going forward. Although he has departed this life, the legacy he has left behind will live on forever!

Burt Reynolds, a 1970’s Hollywood, leading man, was a box-office gang-buster!

Burt Reynolds appeared in epic, big screen films, back in the day. Although he had the world at his beck and call, he remained true to himself, picking and choosing very carefully the acting jobs he assumed. Reynolds actually turned down many notable acting jobs, including roles in Die Hard, Terms of Endearment, Star Wars and Pretty Woman. Although he may have had some regrets, he was so awesome that he could pick and choose!

Burt Reynolds first caught our attention as an up and coming actor in the late 50’s.

Reynolds began his noteworthy career in the 50’s in television appearances. He was, young, good looking and charismatic. The ladies loved him! After a few low-key television appearances, Reynolds was noticed for his looks, charm and acting ability.