Brooke Shields, Calvin Klein's Controversial Lolita: Then And Now

Brooke Shields modeling Calvin Klein jeans. Source: Vanity Fair

Brooke Shields, as the young star of the films Pretty Baby, The Blue Lagoon and Endless Love, and as a model in TV and print ads for Calvin Klein jeans, walked a fine line between glamor and scandal. She cultivated a Lolita-esque persona, repeatedly playing on a look that suggested maturity even though she was only in her mid-teens. 

Most child stars live pretty unconventionally compared to the average youngster, but Brooke Shields’ early career took the young celebrity life to another level. Exposing her nude body, starring in sexually provocative films, and posing for sensual magazine covers all before the age of sixteen caused extreme controversy from society. Despite the criticism, Shields still succeeded as one of the most successful child celebrities of all time, and her fame has stayed consistent from the ‘70s up until the present day.