Bob Seger, "Night Moves," A Coming Of Age Song

By Rebeka Knott

Night Moves by Bob Seger was one of the iconic songs of the 1970’s that told the story of a young boy’s coming of age. Seger drew inspiration for the lyrics to Night Moves from the movie, American Graffiti. The movie recounts all-American boys and girls who explored all the possibilities of their freedom and sexuality. After seeing the movie, Seger decided that he would write a song to tell the story about his own experience. He wanted people to know that it was OK to be human and vulnerable. After all, he was an all-American boy who lost his virginity in an all-American car… a Chevy!

Night Moves is largely responsible for boosting Bob Seger’s career. He had been popular in his home state of Michigan, but when the song was released he attracted national acclaim. Most of Bob Seger’s songs reveal a touch of nostalgia. He draws mainly on personal experiences. While Night Moves, is a very personal song for Seger, it is one plenty of people, men and women alike, can relate to. We all had that first experience we will never forget.