Bill Coors, American Brewing Icon Lived to 102 – CHEERS!...and Thanks for Everything!

By | October 20, 2018

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MAR 12 1976 - William K. Coors - Coors Industries, Credit: Denver Post (Denver Post via Getty Images)

If you have been paying attention lately, you may have noticed that the craft of brewing has really caught on these days. Beer has typically been known as something as common as apple pie to many Americans. Not surprisingly, the brewing craft has been honed over the years and the Coors family is included among some of the most iconic pioneer brewers.

Bill Coors was a very notable American beer brewer who recently passed away at the ripe old age of 102.

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Golden, Colorado Coors brewing factory.

Bill Coors was largely responsible for the epic success of the Coors brand, which is one of the world’s largest and most successful beer manufacturers and distributors. With his passion for brewing, Bill Coors was an intricate part of the family business his grandfather, Adolph Coors, founded in 1873. He was with the company for over 65 years. He served in many capacities over the years and was very influential.

The Coors Brewing Company was revolutionized into a worldwide operation by Bill Coors.

Following his recent death, the following statement was released by the family, “Today our father, grandfather and uncle passed away. Bill was a consistent and steady mentor and leader of our family both professionally and personally. He shared with us his passion for brewing, his dedication to wellness and his commitment to sharing our family legacy with upcoming generations. He was dedicated to our family, our family’s businesses and having a positive impact on our community. We will miss Bill’s leadership, his stories and his smile.”

Below you will find a bit of trivia to give a little insight into Bill Coors, not just as a brewer but as a man.