How Elizabeth Montgomery Worked Her Magic: 'Bewitched' Trivia

Elizabeth Montgomery on Bewitched, 1964. Photo by ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

The '6os sitcom Bewitched, with Elizabeth Montgomery in the lead role as a suburban witch, was part of trend of finding humor in the supernatural. Bewitched, I Dream Of Jeannie, The Munsters, The Addams Family, The Flying Nun, My Favorite Martian, My Mother The Car, and others brought their completely implausible premises into living rooms week after week, and Americans generally found them hilarious. (Maybe not so much My Mother The Car.) Bewitched had the longest run of all of them, thanks in part to innovative plots, a stellar rotation of guest actors, and of course the late Elizabeth Montgomery, whose comedic gifts and beauty were ultimately why the show succeeded.

How well do you know your Bewitched trivia? Here are some bewitching facts about Bewitched: