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The Best Slang Word of the 70s

Fads | May 11, 2018

Young adult hippie couple hitchhiking. Young adult hippie couple hitchhiking. (Getty images)

The 1970’s was a crazy and exciting time in the United States. Change was taking over America in leaps and bounds. Changes included just about everything like the economy (can you say "gas shortage"?), social norms, music and the list just goes on and on. Another thing that was changing was the way people talked. It seemed like pop culture had created its own unique language, one that sometimes drove the older generation nuts.

Although certain words were slang and not found in any dictionaries at the time, everyone just understood. Some words and phrases were even used in more way than one, although it was usually with the same sentiment.

The counterculture movement brought a new slang vocabulary in the 70’s.

Along with the counterculture movement, a new way of speaking was born as an outward sign of expression in its support. The word, slang, is defined as a metaphoric vocabulary considered to be socially taboo. The use of slang indicates that a person is in-the-know -- and if the fundamental slang question "Can you dig it?" had you thinking of shovels and holes in the ground, you were most certainly not in the know.

Over the years, change has obviously continued. After all, life is about change. That being said, however, it is also true that what was old can sometimes become new again. So many of the slang words and phrases that we used in the 70’s continue to be used today.

You probably know that slang is ever evolving and changes from generation to generation. The slang from the groovy 70’s, however, has endured and is probably some of the best you will ever remember. If you were a young person in the 70’s, you can probably dig what I’m about to put down.

Young people today, although they know a lot of the 70’s slang terms well, may not know the origin of what they are saying. Even if you didn’t grow up back in the day, I’m sure you will get right into the groove of the list you are about to see! 

Take a chill pill and check out these awesome slang terms from the 70’s!

A "chill pill" wasn’t an actual pill! It was used as a term to tell someone to mellow out and calm down.

These were the absolute most widely used slang words and phrases in the 70’s.

Psych! I Gotcha!

"Psych!" This was a slang word from the 70’s that was used when fooling someone. After a person was told something, the “teller” would say, “Psych!” to let the “listener” know that he/she had been tricked! It was also possible to be “psyched out.”

If something was "grody," that wasn’t a good thing! Grody meant, disgusting or gross!

She’s a Brick House!

"Brick house" was a term used to describe someone who is built well with an good-looking body. The Commodores even performed a song about a woman built like a brick house. It was also possible to be built like a brick $#!% house!

Right On, Man!

"Right on" was a saying used to show a person’s approval or agreement with something.

The Brady kids were Far Out!

"Far out" was a term used to describe something that was so cool and awesome that it was out of this world. The kids on The Brady Bunch often used this saying!

Do Me a Solid and lend me your car!

The slang phrase "do me a solid" was used to ask someone for a huge favor. (And yes, even if the car was a Ford Pinto, lending it to a friend was a solid.)

I was late for school, so I had to book it!

To "book," or booking, refers to moving quickly, being speedy, etc.

Dream On, man! You will never get a date with that girl!

"Dream on" was a slang term was used to show someone that they were being unrealistic.

Catch You on the Flip Side!

The 70’s slang term "catch you on the flip side" was used to say goodbye or see you later! Although the "flip side" refers to the other side of a vinyl record, which needed to be flipped over halfway through, the phrase was just as popular due to its use in trucker culture -- when two two truckers passed each other going opposite ways, catching each other on the flip side (or "on the flip-flop") meant they'd see and communicate with each other on the return routes.

Don’t be a Chump!

A "chump" was a term used to describe a loser or a raging idiot.

So, are we on for tomorrow? Cool Beans!  

"Cool beans" was slang for “that’s great!

Want to go out on Saturday night to Boogie?

Boogie was a slang word was used when referring to dancing or having fun! "Boogie" had been around for a long time but reached peak saturation during the madness of disco, when the charts were packed with hits like "Boogie Nights," "Boogie Shoes," "Boogie Wonderland" and "Boogie Oogie Oogie."

That’s Groovy, dude!

Groovy was word used to describe someone or something that is cool or far out.

What a Fry!

A fry is a term referring something or someone that is mind blowing!

Now don’t go having a cow! This is by no means a complete list of the groovy language born of the 70’s. It is just a little taste of a blast from the past! Hope you found it out of sight!

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