Can You Still Do These 10 Dances From The 1960s?

Chubby Checker leads Conway Twitty and Dick Clark through the dance the Twist, 1960. The vibrations' 'The Watusi.' Source: Getty,

So many great songs of the 1960s inspired their own dances. Teeny-boppers were quick to adopt the dances moves that they observed on television dance shows, like American Bandstand, and added them into their repertoire at their local sock hop, helping to spread the popularity of these dances. Many of these dances have become ingrained in our society and have become symbols of the sixties American pop culture. In fact, a few of them are still staples at wedding receptions even today, and they are still just as popular, beating out some of the more contemporary dances like “The Macarena”, “The Harlem Shake” and “Gangnam Style.”