Benedetta Barzini: Young Warhol & Dali Muse, Then And Now

Vogue, 1970: Model Benedetta Barzini walks in profile wearing a Forquet brown and white wool houndstooth check ensemble; Hair by Sergio Valente. (Photo by Franco Rubartelli/Conde Nast via Getty Images)

Benadetta Barzini isn’t just another pretty face. As an Italian heiress she enjoyed a childhood that few people experience before moving to New York to try her hand at modeling. In the 1960s she was photographed by everyone from Irving Penn to Richard Avedon and Henry Clarke. She was a cover girl for Vogue, and she hung out with Andy Warhol and Salvador Dalí during her stay in New York.

Barzini spent five years in New York City before becoming disillusioned with the whole scene and going back to Italy to work as a teacher in a Marxist commune. Rather than shy away from her past, Barzini is outspoken about her life and makes no bones about leaving her life as a cover girl behind.