Back to the '70s: Revisiting Your Celebrity Crushes and Seeing Where They Are Now

By Sarah Norman | October 16, 2023

Then: Debbie Harry Made Waves With Blondie

Fasten your seat belts, folks! We're about to jet back to the flamboyant, flare-filled 1970s, when hairstyles reached for the sky, disco reigned supreme, and everyone had their sights set on dating these groovy gals. From Debbie Harry's platinum blonde hair to Cher's daring fashion choices, these women set hearts racing and made the '70s a decade to remember.

Now, we're not just paying homage to their past glories. Get ready to peer through the lens of time to see how these captivating queens of cool have evolved.  This gallery is a visual treat of then-and-now snaps that might make you do a double take! So, what are you waiting for? Dust off your bell-bottoms, and let's see what your celebrity crush from the '70s has been up to in the last few decades!

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Debbie Harry, the lead singer of Blondie, burst onto the music scene in the '70s with a head full of peroxide blonde hair and a voice that was pure dynamite. With her punk-infused pop and her 'devil may care' attitude, she was the stuff of both teenage dreams and rebellious anthems. From "Heart of Glass" to "Call Me", Harry and her band were tearing up the charts, while she was tearing down the house with her edgy looks and killer confidence. Harry was every inch the quintessential '70s bombshell - glamorous, edgy, and undeniably talented. She was the girl every guy wanted to date and every girl wanted to be. Her iconic style was emulated by fans across the globe, from the distressed tees and leather jackets to her statement smoky eyes.

Now: Debbie Harry Still Records and Rocks Out In Her 70s

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Fast forward to today, and guess what? Punk princess Debbie Harry hasn't lost a beat. Harry may have traded her punk threads for more elegant attire, but she still rocks with the same energy and attitude that catapulted her to stardom in the '70s. She's still performing, still defying norms and yes, still the head-turning, show-stopping Debbie Harry we all fell for. Whether it's the glitz and glam of the '70s or the digital dynamism of today, one thing is clear - Debbie Harry is timeless. She rode the wave from punk rock to pop culture icon with unmatched style and sass. From then until now, she's been turning heads and breaking hearts with the same unfaltering beat.