Awkward Family Photos That Must Be Seen

By Sarah Norman | June 7, 2023

Getting your family together is a hassle regardless of whether you're trying to take a swell portrait, a photo for a Christmas card, or some good ol' fashioned prom snapshots. There are some people who are adept at taking good pictures, but most of us just wind up taking cringeworthy shots that we'd rather hide in a drawer than show the world.

Today, we can take a million pictures to find the right one, but in the Groovy era you had one chance to get the perfect shot. If it didn't work you were stuck with a super cringe photo until the next time you tried to get everyone together. The following photos show exactly what can go wrong when you try to take a family photo.

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source: reddit

You know what? We really like this couple. They're happy and they're dressed up in their smartest outfits, it just looks like there's something a little... off? It's almost as if two different mice ran across the room at different angles, drawing the attention of this couple right as they were taking the photo. It's a shame that digital photo technology didn't exist at the time because we're sure this couple would have loved to taken a second stab at this snapshot.

So that's what they mean by 'plenty of fish in the sea'

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Some photos are so perfect that there's really nothing to say. We love this photo so much that it should be in the Louvre. We're not sure what section so we'll just petition France to add a new wing.