Awkward Embarrassing Family Photos That Should've Stayed Hidden

By Sarah Norman | September 5, 2023

 We really like this couple

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source: reddit

You know what? We really like this couple. They're happy, and they're dressed up in their smartest outfits, it just looks like there's something a little... off? It's almost as if two different mice ran across the room at different angles, drawing the attention of this couple right as they were taking the photo. It's a shame that digital photo technology didn't exist at the time because we're sure this couple would have loved to take a second stab at this snapshot.

Leave the top hat at home

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source: pinterest

Let's not mess around here, the eye is immediately drawn to the top hat and wine colored ruffled shirt that the guy in the back is wearing. His entire soap opera bad guy vibe supersedes the guy who's been caught off guard on the side. At least the gals look gussied up and ready to have a good time. If only they didn't have to hang out with ol' top hat guy back there.