August 5, 1962: The Tragic Overdose And Death Of Marilyn Monroe

By | August 4, 2021

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Source: (The Chap).

At 3 a.m., on August 5, 1962, Eunice Murray noticed that the light was still on in Marilyn Monroe’s bedroom. Murray, the housekeeper, called Monroe’s psychiatrist and personal physician after discovering that Monroe’s door was locked. After they arrived at Monroe’s house, Greenson, her psychiatrist, broke down the door to find her naked on her bed, clutching the telephone. Her physician pronounced her dead and contacted her publicist and one of her lawyers. The autopsy revealed that her blood contained high levels of chloral hydrate, likely from sleeping pills and the barbiturate Nembutal and that the extremely high levels seemed to indicate she had ingested the sleeping pills very quickly. Because of this, the coroner called her death a likely suicide. However, the police report indicated that her death may have been accidental. 

Behind The Facade

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Postcard before she became a star. Source: (Wikipedia).

Her background supports the official report. She had a difficult childhood, drinking and taking pills to cope with anxiety and depression. This led to forgetfulness; she would forget her lines and often showed up to set late. Because of the effects on her work, she was fired from her final film, Something’s Got to Give.