Angie Dickinson, A Legend with Legs!

Icons | November 10, 2017

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Angie Dickinson had it all! She was the total package with her brains, talent and stunning good looks. Early on, she aspired to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a writer but threw that idea out the window after she began to be noticed for her sex appeal. She was quite a “looker” and did well in a few beauty pageants including a local Miss America contest. That’s all the acknowledgement she needed.

One of the beauty pageants she entered was sponsored by the television network, NBC. Because of her exposure in this pageant, she was offered an appearance on several television variety shows, which she gladly accepted. After that, her career jump-started, and she appeared on the 1955 series “The Millionaire.” From there, her career went through the glass ceiling! She received the Golden Globe Award for “New Star of the Year” in 1959. At that point, her acting career continued to skyrocket until she was known as one of America’s top movie stars and an American sex symbol to boot!

Dickinson was born Angela Brown, and at one time, was known as one of Hollywood’s most alluring starlets. She was known to “keep company” with prominent public figures ranging from Frank Sinatra to JFK. Early on she married football player, Gene Dickenson. After they divorced, she married Burt Bacharach but kept Dickinson’s name. Angie Dickinson appeared in countless big-screen projects with other notable stars including John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, Richard Burton and Gregory Peck. Countless movies, some of them classic, featured Dickinson. Her looks were striking but were also conducive to a variety of character identities.

The television series, “Police Woman,” is how most of us probably remember Angie Dickinson. She was blond, she was beautiful, and she was Sgt. Pepper Anderson; Los Angeles Police Department, Criminal Conspiracy Unit Officer. She worked undercover to expose the bad guys and bring them to justice. “Police Woman” was the first television show about cops to feature a woman.

In her role in “Police Woman,” Dickinson empowered women. She had given hope to female actresses that they could stand on their own merits. A woman didn’t need to play opposite a male actor… she was able to carry the show on her own! By her example, women also realized that they could also be valuable in the law enforcement arena. During this time, police departments across America experienced a surge of female applicants for law enforcement officers.

Angie Dickinson has always been epically beautiful as well as the crush of plenty of men, young and old alike, over the years. She has never stopped being the object of male attention with her flirty eyes, sensual mouth and undeniable sex appeal. Dickinson had many films, movies and televisions successes to her credit. Above all, though, she was known for her class and her brains. Even now, at the age of 80 plus… she still had that that classic beauty she was always known for and remains the subject of public interest.

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