A Show With Lynda Carter And Loni Anderson Couldn't Possibly Fail. But It Did.

By | May 31, 2021

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Source: (IMDb).

Lynda Carter and Loni Anderson were two of the most popular actresses of the groovy era, with Lynda Carter crafting the role of Wonder Woman and Loni Anderson starring in WKRP in Cincinnati. However, they did not have much success in 1984, when they starred in Partners in Crime, which ran from September 27 until December 29. In Partners in Crime, Lynda Carter played the role of Carole Stanwyck, whose name was inspired by Carole Lombard and Barbara Stanwyck, while Loni Anderson was Sydney Novack, a character whose name was inspired by Kim Novack, but changed because the name Sydney had more spunk. 

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Guest stars Steven Keats and Richard Lynch. Source: (IMDb).

The Premise

The show, which was created by William Driskill, was set in San Francisco. The two main characters, played by Carter and Anderson, have very little in common, except that they share an ex-husband. Raymond. After Raymond is murdered, Stanwyck and Novack work together to find his killer. The pair eventually decide to work together to run the detective agency which Raymond left them. The short-lived show also featured Walter Olkewicz as Raymond’s assistant, Eileen Heckart as Raymond’s mother and Leo Rossi as Lt. Vronsky, as well as other guest stars like Vanessa Williams.