A New Wave With A Groovy Way To Heat Food

Chemist Robert Schiffmann, seen in miniature w. lab coat & stethoscope leaning toward plate of french fries browning in microwave, thanks to his research in making foods crisp in microwave cooking. (Photo by Evelyn Floret/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty)
An amazing product to emerge in the groovy era was the microwave, which would revolutionize the way people cook food. These days, the microwave is a convenient appliance without which the modern kitchen would not be complete. Even those who prefer homecooked meals over frozen dinners may find their recipes suggesting the use of a microwave to melt butter or other ingredients. But that has not always been the case. While the first household microwave hit the market in 1955, it was not popular with consumers until 1967. But the actual idea was conceived accidentally twenty years prior by an American engineer named Percy Spencer.