A Guy and His Car ... It's a Beautiful Thing!

Culture | November 21, 2017

MAR 24 1970 David Gallegos, left, and Isaias Garcia, both students at the center work on a car's rear axle assembly. Credit: Denver Post (Denver Post via Getty)

It goes without saying that a guy’s first (true) love is probably his car. That being said, the car may come only after his first dog and possibly, his mother (or so she thinks). There is just something so masculine about a guy and his car (or any vehicle) that just screams, TESTOSTERONE!

For some reason, cars are such a huge part of the “guy thing” that they are personified. It isn’t unusual for a guy to give his car a human name; most usually a female name. They have been known to talk to them and keep them polished, running and looking sharp… then they take them out and show them off! It can truly be a love affair.

Among other things, vehicles represent independence and freedom for just about anyone; men and women alike. Back in the day, though, for guys that had an affinity for them, having a “bitchin,” hotrod ride was an extension of their manhood. If a guy had a sweet ride, he had the respect of his peers and most likely, all of the dates he could handle! Part of the thrill was buying a fixer-upper and “soup” it up until it was respectable in his opinion.

During the the counterculture, even a few years prior and ever since, having personal transportation has been synonymous with freedom and power. We take our vehicles for granted nowadays, but that wasn’t always the case. Besides transportation, cars have long been a source of pride; both personally and otherwise. Not everyone, could afford to have a “cherry” ride that made others envious. Some cars, even though they were not “all-that,” were still popular just because they were a way to get around.  Getting out on the open road has always been such a thrill!

Competition has also always been, primarily, a “guy-thing.” Maybe that concept is just part of the “thrill of the chase” that men are known to enjoy… the chase of getting the car he wants and/or the lady he wants. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that cars have always equaled status! For a guy, having a car, is just one way he can live out his dream of the “need for speed.” Fortunately, the girls have always fallen for it, head over heels!

Guys are, at times, thought to have a wondering spirit which may be why that freedom is so important. I am told, though, that the excitement of getting behind the wheel of a car is something that can’t be explained… it must be experienced, firsthand. From making sure the ride is shined up and looking exceptional, to the horsepower and performance of the car, it is something that must be attended to!

The fascination with cars may be why so many musicians, over the years, have been inspired to write and sing about just that very subject… cars! Musicians, although they enjoy celebrity status, are basically no different than anyone else and boys will be boys. Some very memorable musical artists have recorded songs describing the importance and human love of cars! What I am referring to is not a sexual love, but rather a fascination for something awesome!

Over the years, that fascination just may be the reason for all the songs written about cars. Although songs varied regarding their meanings, the fact remains that the cars were the main focus of countless songs. Although there so many others, below are some of the songs I remember growing up:

• 409 by the Beach Boys/1962

• Little Deuce Coupe by the Beach Boys/1963

• Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett/1966

• Free Ride by the Edgar Winter Group/1972

• Highway Star by Deep Purple/1972

• Radar Love by Golden Earring/ 1973

• Low Rider by War/1975

It doesn’t matter how old he gets… a man never loses sight of the love for his car!

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