55 Hilarious Wildlife Photos That Will Make You An Animal Person 

Put 'em up

Many wildlife photos offer a somber look at the great outdoors. The animals are pensive, thoughtful, and earnest. That's not what you're going to see here today. These hilarious and candid wildlife photos prove that animals can be just as goofy as humans when they think they're not being watched.

In this collection of delightful photos we've got monkeys going ape, sharks showing a softer side, and squirrels a plenty getting up to all manner of hijinks. Each of these photos was a finalist in the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, and it's clear that not only do the following photographers have an eye for what makes a good photo, but they know what's funny as well.

source: Arthur Trevino

We don't normally think of prairie dogs as an animal that can put up a fight against an apex predator, but this photo shows that given the chance one of these tiny little creatures will stick up its dukes even if it's just to buy itself some time to make a clean escape.

Photographer Arthur Trevino explains that he only managed to catch this photo after the Bald Eagle completely failed at nabbing its prairie dog dinner:

When this Bald Eagle missed on its attempt to grab this prairie dog, the prairie dog jumped towards the eagle and startled it long enough to escape to a nearby burrow. A real David vs Goliath story!