60 Times Mother Nature Proved To Be Scary As Hell (WARNING: This List Might Be Too Scary For You)

By | September 2, 2022

In 2005, a South African man, Marius Els, adopted a baby hippo after rescuing it from a river. Six years later the hippo dragged him into the same river and ate him ☠️

No matter how much we learn about Mother Nature, the outside world will always remain a mystery to human beings. In some ways it's a beautiful place where animals and plants live in harmony with one another, but it can also be full of mystery and danger.

These photos span the world from the jungles of South America to the tundra of Antarctica, and each and every one of them proves that our planet is both awe inspiring and full of gruesome realities. Are you ready to discover just how terrifying and beautiful Earth can be?

Please be advised that some of these photos will shock, but others will open your mind to unimagined possibilities.  

Take a closer look at every photo...it might take a minute to understand what is going on and to convince your mind it's actually real...viewer discretion is advised.

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In 2011, one of the more bizarre animal stories occurred when a South African farmer named Marius Els was mauled by his pet hippopotamus, Humphrey. Els adopted Humphrey five years earlier after rescuing him from a quickly rising river near his home. The two became swift friends, and Els even described the animal as being "like a son."

Things took a dark turn five years after the rescue when Humphrey began acting out and attacking people on the Els farm. It's not clear what began the altercation, but the gored body of Els was discovered submerged in the same river in which he saved Humphrey.

Leopard carries the carcass of a female vervet monkey with its baby still hanging on

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This truly sad image is just one aspect of one of nature's most violent hunters ripping through the jungle and taking life to further its own. The leopard isn't just being cruel for cruelty's sake with this baby monkey, it's likely using the baby as bait to bring in more tasty primates. As freaky as that sounds it's one of the ways that leopards hunt.

According to German photographer Thomas Retterath who witnessed a leopard doing this very thing it's clear how the leopard hunts, just not to other animals. He told The Daily Mail:

[The leopard] bit down just so hard that the monkey was not hurt. She took it in her mouth, as if she were transporting her own offspring. The cat apparently used the tiny one as bait in the intention that one of the adults would become careless and start a rescue operation. We watched this spectacle for 30 minutes. None of the monkeys got cocky and we left the crime scene, because we had to get to our bush flight. The cat had not killed the monkey by then.