60 Photos of Sally Field Like You've Never Seen Her Before 

By Sarah Norman | June 30, 2023

Sally Field Played a lady of the evening in "Back Roads"

Sally Field might be small, but she is mighty. Equal parts cute – as demonstrated from her performances in Gidget and The Flying Nun – and feisty like her Norma Rae character and strong like the characters she played in Steel Magnolias and Places in the Heart. Let’s take a look through the life and career of this effervescent icon of the American cinema to see why we like her… we really like her.

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Field truly cast off her former ‘girl next door’ image in the 1981 film Back Roads. In this movie, which also starred Tommy Lee Jones, Sally played a bristly, foul-mouthed prostitute turning tricks in Alabama. The movie was only a moderate success and the movie’s director, Martin Riff, blamed this on the ongoing conflict between Sally and Tommy Lee Jones. The two stars reportedly hated each other, and while this can sometimes lead to a certain frisson that viewers feel onscreen that wasn't really the case in Back Roads. To say that these two had a difficult time working together is an understatement, but it did bring a sense of realism to the duo's scenes.

Something Is Amiss at the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award to Billy Wilder, March 06, 1986

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In 1986, Sally Field was at the height of her career. She was a two-time Academy Award winner, a box office sensation, and a beloved Hollywood icon. So, it was only fitting that she would attend the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony for the legendary filmmaker Billy Wilder.

The event was a who's who of the entertainment world, and Sally was right there in the thick of it, rubbing elbows with the likes of Jack Nicholson and many of Wilder's cohorts. As she watched Wilder receive his well-deserved accolades, one can only imagine the thoughts running through her mind. Was she reflecting on her own incredible journey in the industry? Was she thinking about all of the amazing roles she still had on the horizon? Or was she just really enjoying the free hors d'oeuvres?