60 Photos of Sally Field Like You've Never Seen Her Before

By Sarah Norman | October 31, 2023

In "Lincoln", Sally Field Played a Tormented First Lady

Sally Field might be small, but she is mighty. Equal parts cute – as demonstrated from her performances in Gidget and The Flying Nun – and feisty like her Norma Rae character and strong like the characters she played in Steel Magnolias and Places in the Heart. Let’s take a look through the life and career of this effervescent icon of the American cinema to see why we like her… we really like her.

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Sally Field was open about her dislike of Tommy Lee Jones when they co-starred in the 1981 movie, Back Roads, but she announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on January 29, 2013, that several years after working on the picture Jones approached her at an event and offered an apology. He apparently acknowledged that he was difficult to get along with in those days. Field assured DeGeneres that the two had reconciled and got along well when they appeared together in the 2012 movie, Lincoln. Without the tension between them, both Jones and Sally earned Oscar nominations for their supporting roles in the film.

Sally Field and Paul Lynde Behind The Scenes on 'Hollywood Squares', 1974

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To the tabloid media, Field and Reynolds seemed like a Hollywood power couple, but in Field's memoir, In Pieces, she provided an inside look at their relationship. Sally, who had been abused as a child and recently divorced, was simultaneously terrified and empowered to have the biggest sex symbol of the 1970s interested in her. But she writes that Reynolds was insecure and jealous. Filled with toxic masculinity, Reynolds belittled Sally’s acting skills, turned controlling, and expected her to take care of him.