60 Photos of Sally Field Like You've Never Seen Her Before

By Sarah Norman | September 4, 2023

Sally Field, Ready to Revamp Her Image and Take More Dramatic Roles

Sally Field might be small, but she is mighty. Equal parts cute – as demonstrated from her performances in Gidget and The Flying Nun – and feisty like her Norma Rae character and strong like the characters she played in Steel Magnolias and Places in the Heart. Let’s take a look through the life and career of this effervescent icon of the American cinema to see why we like her… we really like her.

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After the cancellation of her 1973-1974 television show, The Girl with Something Extra, Field studied with renowned acting teacher Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio in hopes of honing her acting chops and preparing for more challenging roles. Strasberg became Field's mentor. Under his guidance and tutelage, she expanded her skills as a performer, but more importantly, Strasberg helped her move beyond her former image. It took a little while before the studios took notice of her more mature image, but Field finally got her chance to prove her chops.

Sally Field Played a Supporting Role to Robin Williams in "Mrs. Doubtfire"

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In 1993, Field scored one of the biggest hits of her career alongside the great Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire. In the film, Field played Williams’ ex-wife and mother of his children. Desperate to spend time with his own children following his divorce, Williams' character dresses in drag and is hired as the children’s nanny by Field’s unsuspecting character. 

The entire affair sounds super creepy, but through pure charisma alone the film is one of the most charming and memorable movies of the decade. Mrs. Doubtfire was the second highest-grossing movie of 1993. While speaking with News Corp, Field discussed working with Williams while he was at the height of his career in the '90s;

He had endless energy. And he’d want to do take after take after take because every take he would want to do something different... What drove him absolutely crazy is that he could never make me laugh. He would never break me up.