60 Photos of Marilyn Monroe Like You've Never Seen Her Before

By Sarah Norman | August 24, 2023

Marilyn and her first husband, Jimmy, 1943

Marilyn Monroe has long been considered an American icon, known for her captivating beauty, her sultry performances, and her magnetic personality. However, beneath the surface of her glamorous image, there were deeply dark realities that were often kept hidden from the public eye. These eerie photos, taken throughout her career and personal life, capture a side of Marilyn that is rarely seen, revealing the struggles and pain she experienced behind the scenes.

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Less than a year into their marriage, Marilyn's husband enlisted in the Merchant Marine where he was stationed on Catalina Island before being shipped to the Pacific and would remain for the next two years. It's during her husband's absence that Monroe began to blossom into her own person and find her way to the spotlight that was calling her name.

By 1930, Monroe's relationship with her mother was a mess

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At first, Gladys lived with Monroe's foster parents, but after taking longer work shifts, she was forced to move back to the city of Los Angeles. Gladys would visit her daughter on weekends where they would go sightseeing. It wasn't a perfect setup, but it allowed Monroe to have a vague semblance of normalcy in an otherwise topsy-turvy life.